Maithripala says will not remove military camps from North

MaithripalaJan 01, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s common opposition Presidential candidate Maithripala Sirisena said, that his government after January 08 would not remove any military camp from the North but will provide an environment conducive to all Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim people to live in peace and harmony.

Addressing a public rally in Puttalam Wednesday (December 31), Sirisena said already people without any religious or ethnic division have lined up to form a national government and national government the people expect to form does not have individual goals but common goals for the country.

Sirisena, dismissing the government allegation that a future government under him would allow the terrorism to rise again, said he has the backing of people who in fact were the ones defeated the LTTE.

“We have Sarath Fonseka with us who helped to destroy terrorism in the Island. Do you think he will allow terrorism to rise its head up again?” he asked.

Stating that in the guise of development the Rajapaksa regime has used public money to enrich the family, the common candidate said there is a breakdown in the society as the casinos and prostitution have become the main money earners for the government.

Sirisena said the President is spreading the myth that a future government of his would allow the LTTE to rise again. He vowed that the LTTE or any other such group will not ever be allowed again to rise under a future opposition government.

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