400 Sri Lankan vehicle owners compensated for damages caused by low quality petrol

Nov 19, Colombo: Sri Lanka Ministry of Petroleum Industry says that owners of 400 vehicles that were damaged due to low quality petrol sold by the Sri Lanka Petroleum Corporation have been compensated.

Sri Lanka Petroleum Corporation is due to compensate 2,400 vehicle owners who claimed damage for their vehicles island wide.

The maximum damage paid is Rs. 50,000. Sri Lanka Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe submitted a claim for Rs. 89,000 for the damages of his official vehicle. He was also paid Rs. 50,000, Sri Lanka Petroleum Corporation says.

A high court judge is also among the recipients of compensations.

A Committee appointed to probe the importation of a substandard fuel stock that caused damages to the consumers’ vehicles recommended the government to pay compensation to the vehicle owners.

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