A right path for the nation

During the time when society was controlled by slave masters, they always maintained that society should move in the way they desired. But in retaliation the slaves rioted and opened new directions for society to move towards. Despite the attempts of the Feudalistic Lords to mould society towards achieving their goals, the Masses led by the commercially oriented Capitalist rose in rebellion and society was drifted towards a new avenue. Even today a similar scenario could be observed when rulers are conniving to establish a society that would be beneficial to them which is repelled by the distressed masses. The organised and the unorganised movements across the world engaged in confronting these manoeuvers are hopeful that the end would justify the means
In Sri Lanka too the same situation would emerge. Whatever was the outcome of the polls concluded recently, there exists a wide gap between the result and the people’s behaviour .The masses who voted for this government in the past are now engaged in street protests. They defeated the government’s plan to implement a pension scheme by rallying around the JVP. Today workers are agitating for a reasonable living wage.

People are individually and collectively, protesting against rulers— without any political backing.  University Dons, including those who campaigned for the present government, at the polls, after a long drawn out struggle, won a significant number of their demands. University lecturers, intellectuals and a good number of professionals of various disciplines are now demonstrating with slogans.

People conflict with the government on many issues and resort to slogan shouting.

Educationist, lecturers, students, entrepreneurs, labourers, farmers, traders, consumers, Doctors, Health officials and patients are now resorting to protests and demonstrations. These agitations are slowly but steadily gaining momentum.

The JVP never intends to oppose everything for the sake of opposition and they do not cultivate that mentality, whatever the government and its policies. This was evident when the JVP extended their support in defeating forces striving to divide the country. But when the government tries to adopt wrong decisions the JVP is not going to keep quiet, we will use our total strength to repel such actions. Therefore it should be noted that through all these actions the JVP is not only displaying their opposition but also indicating the correct direction towards which the country should forge ahead. The following examples prove that the ideologies of the JVP are very far sighted and could pave the way for conflict resolution.

Within a week after the cessation of the war the JVP introduced a programme on the 27th May 2009 that would help the rebuilding of the devastated areas in the North and East. We proposed a task force of representatives of all parties in Parliament. We further stated that action be taken to resettle the refugees and establish Democracy in these areas as well as the formulation of a policy to deal with Political Prisoners and Missing Persons. If the government had been sincere and adopted our programme, they need not have bothered about the present outcry of the Western Block. If Democracy was established the issue of the GSP Plus would never have surfaced. The American Senate would never have discussed the possibility of  imposing Aid cuts and the Ban Ki-moon report would not have been taken seriously.

It has now come to light that although outwardly protesting against the West, and the Ban Ki Moon report, the government has discreetly engaged in exchanging letters with the west. The present government is very vociferous in the mother tongue but when facing the West they eat humble pie.

Though showing abhorrence of Western interference ,they have  become an adorer of their Economic policies. By liberalizing capital accounts they have virtually allowed the international racketeers to manipulate the Sri Lankan economy. No Liberal leader of the past had ever acted in this manner. The economy has completely drifted towards the tourist industry and measures are been taken to destroy valuable agricultural and marine resources. It is our belief that the present government is pursuing policies that are detrimental to the whole of the country. The UNP is no alternative as they too follow the same path.

The masses are protesting against these policies and are clamouring for an alternative. The JVP has come up with an “Economy of the Masses” which would bring a smile to the nation.

The JVP had shown the path towards which the country should move forward. History has shown that through many struggles the masses have been able to retaliate and look for new ways and means of survival—we believe that the Sri Lankan people can do the same.

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