Amnesty is right on Syria

Damascus might soon find itself in the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) dock. That seems to be a wide possibility taking into account the pressure that Amnesty International has asserted to try the regime for human rights excesses.

The point is whether that happens or not, it is a foregone conclusion that President Bashar Al Assad is treading a losing track and his unwise measures to crackdown hard are continually failing . The way the polity is marginalised and hundreds of lives lost in less than 100 days is indicative that all is not well in the republic. Assad troops have hit the brink and any further movement from here will be a journey of destruction, casting disintegration fears for the Middle Eastern country.

What the Amnesty has documented is in need of being evaluated objectively. There is no point in brushing aside it as a propaganda tool. Assad’s marching forces have brutally trampled valleys and villages, and the death of more than 1,500 people is a case in point. Cases of torture, deaths in custody and arbitrary detention are quite disturbing, and unfortunately are on the rise. This is why Amnesty appeal to the world community to refer Syria to the ICC  at The Hague is likely to gather credence. The call has come as the Syrian authorities continue their mindless crackdown in the central city of Homs, and face a rebellion even in its own rank and file. The defections in the security apparatus, and the manner in which people are galvanising their synergies to fight the Baathist army could well be a precursor for a greater trouble in the region. The mass exodus is rapidly becoming a source of concern and irritation for neighbouring countries which fear that it may prove challenging in dealing with the ethno-communal sensitivities of the region.

Irrespective of what human rights bodies like Amnesty or Red Cross International have to say, it has been witnessed that real-politics wins the day when it comes to compromises and bargains. This is almost evident in the case of Syria. The news from the corridors of the US State Department that Washington would not mind bailing out Assad for reasons geopolitics is a telling tale of looking the other way round! If that is the case, then Moscow, which has saved Damascus skin to this day, would find a willing ally to say the least. Who will then keep a count of the excesses?

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