Having carefully considered the seriousness of the present situation in the country and without rushing to the press with a hastily prepared statement, I decided to write to you, breaking my long silence that I had been maintaining since the defeat of the LTTE on 19th May 2009. It is not my intention, to enter into the controversy and aggravate the situation further but only to see whether I can help to defuse the situation. I feel that I am matured enough to advice you on any matter. I hope you will take my advice seriously and save the country from facing grave crisis either in the near or distant future. I am stepping in only to do my duty to the country and its people I love most, in the best way possible without adding fuel to fire.

My sincere advice to you at this juncture, is primarily to prevent organizing demonstrations at random, all over the country and engaging in such other violent activities by enthusiastic people. Also please welcome publication of the report and face it. The ordinary people instigated by others, without understanding the consequences can do more damage by overdoing things. Even if the UN withholds the report from being published, it will somehow or other find its way to the press and in such a situation all the efforts taken will prove counterproductive.

Your Excellency,  Ban Ki-moon is just an individual, but the position he holds as Secretary General of the United Nations Organization is a very high and prestigious office at a World Organization, founded after the 2nd World War, mainly for the purpose of promoting international peace security and co-operation and having a membership of over 150 countries. The UN through its various branch organizations had always been very helpful to every country. Not only we, almost all countries depend on the UN for a variety of assistances in fields, such as Health, Education, Culture and many such others. The member countries also help each other directly. Ban Ki-moon is an individual but all his actions will be taken as that of the Secretary General of the United Nations, as long as he holds that office. Even though all member countries are friendly with us and had helped us in many ways, with a few exceptions, all countries will back the Secretary General of the UN and his actions and not that of Ban Ki-moon’s. 

No one can deny that there were several thousands of causalities during the war. Very many factors contributed for this situation. How or why did this happen? All these must come to light. You are aware that I am neither a flatterer nor a stooge of the overnment or of the LTTE and had, off and on, not failed to criticize even some of your actions with which I did not agree as I did to the LTTE. In my opinion some people close to you or pretending to be close to you, merely to please you even though they themselves did not agree with you, over-played the “Mahinda Chinthanaya” tune without realizing the damage they were causing to your name and to your reputation. As a result there is a view among some people that some actions of the Government are not of the Mahinda Chinthanaya but in fact a diluted or polluted form of “Mahinda Chinthanaya”. Please pardon me for saying so. This is how some people sell their ideas by smuggling their own ideas in to the Mahinda Chinthanaya. There are some who rushed to the press with statements and caused much embarrassment to you on certain issues, thereby compelling you to endorse their views as that of yours, when in fact you would or should have expressed entirely a different opinion. The people of this country elected you and only you as the Executive President of Sri Lanka, the highest position one could achieve, hence your powers should not be usurped by any one or encroached into even by persons very near and dear to you. You are the Sovereign Head of the State and hold this Country on trust.

Your Excellency, some who hold responsible positions say one thing today and another the next day subjected to severe criticism by the International Community in particular. The country has earned the displeasure of a fair section of the International Community due to the unwarranted interference and utterances of certain over enthusiastic individuals. The present crisis can be attributed to bad handling of the situation.

What the country needs today is absolute peace for all, for which a solution to the ethnic problem, acceptable to the minorities, is in-dispensable. I am sure that no reasonable person in this country will ever object to people’s desire to live in the country as equals. All patriotic citizens will fully endorse my views. Although the country as a whole had suffered immensely the loss of life and property of the Tamils of the North and the East are far beyond ones imagination. I am sure you will agree that I never misled you or anybody else on any matter. The stand I took in relation to the LTTE was most honourable but the Tamil People got easily swayed by false propaganda and put an end to my political carrier. My only regret is that I would have saved several thousand lives and billions worth of property and even Prabhakaran and his cadre, if only he had listened to me. It was never my intention to have him destroyed but only wanted him to give up violence and turn to the Democratic Process.

It is now no use of talking about the past. A good opportunity came on your way with the Tsunami when people got united with full of sympathy for each other. I feel that confrontation with the SG – UN is unfortunate but this is a God sent opportunity for the country to get united and to work out a solution acceptable to all. Please consider accepting and implementing the recommendations of the expert committee headed by Professor R.K.W.Gunasekara. You can take it as one coming from a Bench of Judges of great repute.

In the alternative adopt the Indian model that I had been campaigning for since 2004. I had done a lot of lobbying both inside and outside the country. A number of ministers of your cabinet and a few UNP members with whom I had discussion were agreeable to my suggestion. I am sure you would not have forgotten your telling me, not to harp of the Federal System but to use the Indian model in all my statements appeals and such other writings. I want to know, Your Excellency, as to what you had in mind when you said that. If you take prompt action in this matter the biggest advantages would be, half a century old problem will find a solution, the heat generated locally and internationally will come down saving the country from the embarrassment caused by foreign intervention and permanent peace achieved.                       

V. Anandasangaree

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