The Assist. Secretary of State Robert Blake had arrived in Sri Lanka with a secret message which he says cannot be revealed until he has discussions with the Govt.   Blake is noted for his ‘take it easy approach’ which he pursues pertaining to SL. The  ‘Inner City Press’ website posted  the foreign policy  responses to the UNSG report – discussion document , there the  responses in relation to America are mentioned thus  :‘there are two standpoints that will affect the USA stand on Sri Lanka.’ The State Department has a take it easy approach and the Obama administration will take a tougher approach.

When Blake was the Ambassador in SL, he was a war partner of the SL Govt.  against the Tamil Tigers. America commenced supporting SL Govt. in the war, according to Wikileaks cables disclosures, by creating two International contact groups to check the LTTE fund raising and arms purchase. America included into the two Int. contact groups , Australia , Belgium, Canada, France, Germany , India , Indonesia , Italy, Japan, Malaysia , Philippines, Singapore , Switzerland, Thailand , United Kingdom and other countries where the LTTE fund raising and arms purchase network were  in operation. Attacking and destroying the fund raising and arms purchase network of the LTTE were begun through these two Int. contact groups. Their sole and whole objective was to obstruct the purchase of arms and fund raising of the Tamil Tigers. It is noteworthy that if the LTTE had been allowed to continue with the arms procurements, the war would never have been won by the Govt. Indeed, it was America which broke the backbone of the LTTE and crippled it. While America was blocking the Tamil Tiger funds and the arms procurement routes, the SL Govt. had to shoulder the responsibility of trapping the LTTE in the Wanni Jungle.

America promised to break the spine of the LTTE taking into account the fact that the Tigers were an obstacle to the SL’s peace. It was their conviction that as long as the Tamil Tigers existed a political solution for the Tamil people cannot be formulated. Blake was a faithful follower of this belief and propagated this within America. As far back as 25th Oct. 2008, Blake when delivering a lecture to a Madras University in Tamil Nadu said , ‘Time for Colombo to defeat LTTE with political solution’. In fact he was at that time pronouncing America’s policy. He chose Tamil Nadu to make this pronouncement because the heat of SL Tamil issue was most intensely felt there. In other words he said, the Indian policy for a political solution for the Tamil people is in line with America’s policy. By this message what he conveyed to the Tamil Nadu and the Tamil Tigers engaged in the war in the SL’s north and East was , that he endorsed the  SL Govt.’s policy in relation  to the war. Later on , when  delivering  a lecture on ‘post LTTE politics’ at a seminar in Colombo on 11th March 2009, he underlined that as the LTTE is now defeated, the SL  Govt. should take meaningful steps by going beyond the 13th amendment to the constitution and devise  a political solution. In the recent Wikileaks cable , this message  was disclosed thus ‘ But Mr. Blake pushed back saying that while the US would be glad to see Prabhakaran captured or killed , US and India should not allow Rajapaksa to predicate progress on a power sharing agreement on Prabhakaran demise…..’

It becomes very evident from this , the policy of Blake and America was  to find a political solution to the Tamil people even by arresting or killing Prabhakaran and destroying the LTTE. This was precisely why Blake and America were described as war partners of the SL Govt. Moreover , it was America which monitored the movements of Prabhakaran via satellite and handed over the details to the SL Army.

But now, what has happened to America and Blake is what happened to Sarath Fonseka who is now held behind bars. It is an unequivocal fact that it was Fonseka as Army Commander at that time who led the country to its war victory. Yet after the war, within a few months he was dismissed from the post of Army Commander. He was disillusioned and disappointed so much so that he charged the Rajapaksa Govt. of discarding him. Blake and America became war partners relying on the condition that a political solution shall be provided for the Tamil people. But after the war was concluded, the Rajapaksa Govt . did not fulfil this condition. Discarded Blake and America are therefore now supporting the war crimes investigations and are pushing it ahead. However in the foreign policy responses to the UNSG report – discussion document , it is related, a moderate GOSL response to allegations may aid in striking a compromise deal facilitated by the USA or India – USA ……’ It is deducible from this, Blake’s objective perhaps is to explore the possibility via his ‘take it easy approach’, whether a deal can be struck to secure a political solution for the Tamil people.  Or else , this might be a  warning signal of his that the countries representing  UNHRC as well as those countries in it constituting one of the two  contact groups which America utilized to break the backbone of the LTTE may be enlisted towards achieving his end against SL.

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