Bus fare revision after New Year

The Lanka Private Bus Owners Association (LPBOA) yesterday hinted that the time had come for another bus fare revision and said it would discuss the matter with Transport Authorities once the National New Year was over.

sri lnaka bus fares
“It has been a while since the last bus fare revision.  We will discuss with Transport Authorities a bus fare revision when the New Year is over. As for the usual process, the next bus fare revision should be implemented in July,” LPBOA Chairman Gemunu Wijeratne told a news conference today.

He said a new committee was appointed to suggest recommendations when increasing bus fares, but said the obligation of the Committee was not yet determined.

Mr. Wijeratne said the previously given fare revision was disadvantageous for normal buses and charged that the semi and super-luxury buses were the cause. He also complained that the calculations of the last bus fare revision carried out by the NTC were not correct.

“The NTC had given incorrect calculations for the previous bus fare revision. We will make calculations in May or June aiming for a bus fare revision in July. We will submit our calculations and recommendations to the NTC and the Private Bus Services Ministry,” he said.

He said a bus fare revision was imminent with the commissioning of expressways, adding that the entire bus industry should be structuralised.

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