Thank you for visiting our web site and showing interest in finding out about career opportunities we may have. We are an equal opportunity company offering chances for people from all walks of life.

We have a unique compansation system by which the employer not only gets a salary but also shares the profit of all the ork he/she has done.

We are currently looking for the following tellent.

1. News Editors

You have to be perfect in written English and be able to summerise news and articles in a way that readers can read the articles without spending too much time reading un-related content.

You will be given stories to edit and post on the web site and you will also be responsible to compliment the story with an apropriate picture from our media library online.

This job does not require you to come to our office so housewives or people having day jobs can also opt for it. Remuneration will be decided after seeing your resume and interest in the job.

Please fill in this form to apply

2. Advertising sales agents

You will be responsible to find revanue opportunities for the web site in form of advertising on the site as well as for advertisement suppliments on the web site. You need to be an out going person and be able to proove

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