CCTV cameras and special traffic unit for Sri Lanka’s Southern Expressway

Nov 16, Colombo: Sri Lankan authorities have installed Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras along the country’s first expressway and set up a special traffic unit to prevent accidents and to control speed violations.

Managing Director of Maintenance on Southern Expressway P. D. K. Bandara has told media that CCTV cameras have been installed at all eight entry points to the toll way from Kottawa to Pinnaduwa in Galle district.

A special observation unit has also been established to observe the CCTV records, he has added.

The CCTV cameras are expected to help authorities and Police to crackdown on any violators of the law, especially, motorists who violate the 100 kilometers per hour speed limit, the authorities said.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Deputy Minister of Highways Nirmala Kothalawela has said that a new hotline would be introduced for the users of highways in the country.

The hotline at 1989 would be introduced with the opening of the Southern Expressway on November 27.

The hotline will help the motorists of the Expressway to get access to accident service, fire brigade, ambulance and police.

Special traffic unit has also been set up for deployment in the Southern Expressway under SP Eric Perera. The unit is due to recruit 500 personnel and the Urban Development Authority will provide the office facilities for the expressway traffic unit.

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