Central Bank of Sri Lanka initiates programme to double milk production in the country

May 23, Colombo: The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has initiated a programme to increase the country’s milk production and save thousands of milk cows from slaughter.

Additional Director of the Regional Development Division (RDD) of the Central Bank, M.S.K. Dharmawardana has said at a function in Melsiripura that around 90,000 milk cows capable of producing milk are slaughtered annually.

The RDD of the Central Bank has launched island wide resource centers under the Livestock Development Loan Scheme to provide milk cows to farmers and to educate them.

Dharmawardana has explained that milk cows are more often sold for slaughter as a last resort when the farmers are faced with financial difficulties.

The newly set up resource centers are aimed at preventing such incidents from taking place in future.

The Central Bank has introduced soft loans for agriculture and animal husbandry to help dairy farmers engaged in milk production and milk related industries.

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