Commonwealth Secretariat welcomes Sri Lanka’s measures to probe Channel 4 allegations

June 27, Colombo: The Commonwealth Secretariat said that it welcomes the measures taken by Sri Lanka to address the allegations of war crimes leveled against by the British television station Channel 4 in a recently aired video.

In a statement released today the Commonwealth Secretary-General’s Spokesperson said the Sri Lanka Ministry of External Affairs in a statement has informed the Secretariat that if the allegations levelled in the television programme are found to be genuine, the country’s own Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) will take due note and remedial measures will be taken by way of legal sanctions.

“The Secretariat welcomes this undertaking to establish the facts of the situation, and to complete a full, credible, and thorough investigation that reflects Commonwealth values and principles to which all members subscribe,” the Commonwealth Secretariat said.

The Commonwealth Secretary-General has made this statement on 23 June 2011 in response to queries received, the Spokesperson stated.

The Commonwealth Secretariat said it has received expressions of concern about the contents of a recent television programme concerning the civil war in Sri Lanka.

Noting that there is “understandable widespread abhorrence at what the programme purports to show,” the Commonwealth said it has conveyed these to the Sri Lankan government.

The Sri Lankan government has informed the Secretariat that the video footage will be given the attention that it obviously merits by the LLRC.

The Commonwealth said it has long supported the peaceful resolution of the civil war in Sri Lanka, and recognises that genuine and sustainable reconciliation must include investigation of alleged war crimes and accountability of those responsible, and the promotion of justice.

The Sri Lankan government flatly rejected the video saying that the footage was a mere collection of previously aired unverified evidence put together by vested interests against the Sri Lankan government.

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