Congress defeat, KP and Nediyavan arrest

Velupillai Prabhakaran was killed on  of May 18, 2009. Two years later , on May 19, 2011 , the Sri Lanka (SL) media reported that Perinbanayagam Sivaparan alias Nediyavan  who emerged as the Tamil Tiger leader after K P had been arrested in Norway. The Norwegian officials told Reuter news service that ‘a man had been questioned in a Norwegian court on the request of Dutch Authorities carrying out an investigation’. But they declined to name him. The Norway foreign Ministry in a statement released through the Embassy in Colombo declined to identify the individual, but confirmed that a person of SL origin was questioned in a Norwegian court. According to a spokesman for the Dutch prosecutor’s office reporting to Reuter news agency, had said, ‘I can confirm a person was interviewed in Norway as part of an investigation into Tamil Tiger fund raising activities. We have not issued an arrest warrant for him’ Prior to this , SL media reported that a Tamil group opposed to Nediyavan attacked him at a Hindu religious festival in Norway and he was hospitalized. The Tamil net website rejected this story as false. The SL intelligence unit was hot on the trail of Nediyavan since the day Prabhakaran died. The Norway intelligence division co operated with SL intelligence towards this end, but  informed the SL Govt. that if it can only be proved that he was involved in terrorist activities , then and only then it  is prepared to hand over Nediyavan to the SL Govt. Moreover the Norwegian intelligence unit had assured  the SL counterpart that the  Norwegian intelligence unit is having him and his activities  under its surveillance.

Nevertheless, the SL Govt. and its patriotic groups along with the pro Govt. media have time and again accused Norway of shielding and hiding the new LTTE leader Nediyavan. The Norway Govt. however took no notice of these accusations and made no effort to repudiate these charges. Yet , when the Dutch authorities took Tamil tiger activists there into custody for collecting funds on behalf of the Tamil Tigers, and based upon the information elicited from them, the Norway Govt. gave permission to  the Norwegian officials to interrogate Nediyavan. It is evident from this that the charges levelled against Norway that it is hiding Nediyavan are untenable. Further more , the Norwegian authorities are applying the normal laws of the country to Nediyavan and treating him only as an ordinary citizen – not as a special individual entitled to prerogatives or to whom normal laws are not applicable.

Norway was  accused by the Tamil Diaspora too on the ground that it did nothing to stop the war in the north of SL , and indirectly supported the war while also  jointly with the co chairs ordered  the Tamil Tigers to surrender. Even the stand taken by Norway peace facilitator Eric Solheim came in for heavy flak from the Tamil Diaspora. The statement made by Solheim to the media in his country that, firstly , SL Govt. must be given room to conduct its own investigations into the war crimes within SL had  been construed by the Tamil net web and expressed thus : ‘ Solheim transforms  from peace facilitator to facilitator of war crimes indictment escape’.

The questioning of Nediyavan and the publicity blaze given to it by the international media contributed to the Tamil Diaspora’s suspicions pertaining to Norways role , whereby their opposition to Norway mounted . Perhaps , it is on this account Norways officials  omitted  mentioning  the name of Nediyavan. The question that has popped up is , whether the interrogation of Nediyavan is in adherence to the normal laws or there are ulterior motives underlying it. The interrogation  of Nediyavan and the humiliating defeat faced by the Congress Govt. in Tamil Nadu occurred at the same time. The Indian intelligence harbor the suspicion that even if these events have not been correlated , Nediyavan would have played a key role in the Tamil Nadu politics.

At the time of Prabhakaran’s assassination, when KP acknowledged the killing of Prabhakaran , the Nediyavan wing and the Tamil Tiger sympathizers including Vaiko and Nedumaran in Tamil Nadu refused to accept it. Later on, KP in an interview with a newspaper media said, during the final phase of the war, when Sonia Gandhi sought to establish a ceasefire , Nediyavan wing along with Vaiko and Nedumaran of Tamil Nadu advised Prabhakaran against it , while explaining to him that  at the Indian General elections held during that period , the Congress Govt. will be defeated , and the Bharathiya Janatha party (BJP) following its elections victory will stop the war. Hence, they had advised Prabhakaran to hold on patiently until then.

It is clearly manifest from this that Nediyawan wing which  is anti KP has power and leverage over Tamil Nadu. In the current Tamil Nadu State elections, Tamil Tiger sympathizers including Vaiko, Nedumaran and Seeman conducted a personal  campaign across the entire Tamil Nadu to defeat the Congress candidates . It is very clear that their campaign was a success going by the results, despite the fact that they did not  wield personal popularity in Tamil Nadu . Of the 60 Congress candidates who contested not even ten got elected.

In other words , the Gandhi family and the Congress Govt. had to accept on the one hand , the stark truth that the Tamil Tigers have taken their revenge on them against supporting the SL Govt. to destroy the Tamil Tigers  while on the other  , that the Tamil Tigers  are rearing their heads once again in Tamil Nadu. This is why doubts are being entertained that the interrogation of Nediyavan who is instrumental in stoking up  the Tamil Tigers in Tamil Nadu was arrested consequent upon pressures exerted by Indian intelligence. In any event , it is the view of some that his arrest was engendered not by Indian pressure but on the information passed by his arch enemy KP who is currently  in SL.

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