Cricket world cup 2011 – The inside games

The Sri Lankan nation is heated with cricket fever. Cricket is lovely game by its own. However while cricket is played on the field so many teams are playing in media, business and political filed as well. This is an attempt to analyze these inside games.

Colonial inheritance

Cricket was introduced by colonial masters when we were underdogs under British colonization. When they left the island they had transferred their politico-social-economic  power to local agents. Cricket was no different. Cricket was played by handful of colonial schools like Royal and St. Thomas. Cricked administration was with comprador elite families of Colombo 07, Kandy and Kurunagala.

1996 World cup victory

1996 cricket world cup win was a result of many factors. By that time truly national schools like Ananda and Nalanda had managed to dominate the national team. In Parallel, people like Ana Punchihewa and Thilanga Sumathipala (An old Anandian and a Nalandian) came into the fore front in administrative side. The result was drastic change in the thinking of whole cricket team and the administration.

Counter attacking against Australia

Until 1996, we were taught to believe that cricket is “Gentlemen’s game” and we must play according to the norms preach by White Colonial Masters. But White nations used to sledge and humiliate us to keep their supremacy. It all changed when Arjuna Ranathunga and his team mates (with the backing of then cricket administration) start counterattacking in infamous Muralitheran Saga. It all peaked in winning the world cup by defeating the Australian team.

Playing cricket in our way

Before Sanath-Murali era we had plenty of classic cricketers who imitate English cricketers. But we never able to beat white players because we simply tried to follow English style which was best suited for people build up in cold conditions. However the moment we became innovative and start playing according to our physical reflexes and physical stamina, we were able to consistently defeat them.

2011 world cup

Since 1996, we have never been able to won the world cup again. We have lost our purpose and innovation in playing cricket due to commercialization.

Due to the win in 1996, cricket suddenly  became highly profitable sport in Sri Lanka. All the businessmen and politicians started eying to enter cricket administration for petty business goals in mind.

Business mafia controlling cricket

It is a shame that government has let multinational business agents to exploit true spirit of sport. Months before the cricket world cup start, the cunning business mafia started their vicious propaganda. It’s a big joke that these multinational companies are pretending to be so patriotic and cheering Sri Lankan cricket team. Their sole intention is to transfer the enthusiasm of true Sri Lankan cricket lovers into their business traps.

Malaysian based Dialog telecom have lost their market share and they want to win back business more than Sri Lankan team want to win back cricket world cup. But all their pre matured artificial cricket campaign had made true cricket enthusiasm into a joke. In Dialog cricket advertisement (Which is now telecasting in every 15 min whole day), the former cricketers are make up like ponsy !! It’s a shame that our former cricketers and administrators go after money without considering their personality.

Cheer before win

World cup is a competition. Each team is competing for win to the last second. Our business mafia want to fool general public like we have already won (Same mistake was made last world cup also), because what they mind is promoting their products rather than winning the world cup. In fact these Western dominated companies like a Western country to win the world cup. Because as long as West dominate the sport, their western brands can be dominated over our own Sri Lankan products.

From Coca Cola to Pietza hut, from Prima wheat to Dialog telecom the inside game has started. They have one goal in common. Fooling the passionate Sri Lankan cricket fans and sell their products in light of dominance of Western culture in our society!

Lets cheer Sri Lankan crcket for yet another world cup win, at the same time lets outsmart vicious agenda of business agents in the same time.

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