Cricket world cup and Dialog Axiata telecom

14 Feb 2011

Malaysian owned Dialog telecom is doing their final business trick of survival or die. This time they are trying to manipulate Sri Lankans in the cricket world cup.

We all know that Dialog had great success in exploiting Sri Lankan mobile consumers together with Celltel and Australian based Mobitel Telestra. All these three foreign companies were making hay merrily pushing mobile consumers to the wall.

It all suddenly changed when then chairman of SLT Thilanga Sumathipala took a bold decision to take over Mobitel Telestra into SLT. Sri Lanka Mobitel under truly Sri Lankan management cut down the charges in surprising rate and still managed to run Mobitel as a profitable business. It proved that how much of exorbitant profits that other multi-national mobile providers like Dialog had been making.

All of a suddenly Dialog started making heavy losses (after decades of heavy profits). Last two years alone Dialog made lose of Billions of rupees. Now they are somehow manage to come into a break-even sate.

It is not only competitive rates, but truly Sri Lankan touch of service and advertisement campaigns by Mobitel made huge difference. All the mobile multinational mobile service providers like Celltel and Dialog had been promoting Western culture in Sri Lanka to fish Sri Lankan youth.

However, the western culture has no place in new Sri Lanka under Mahinda Chinthana. Sri Lankans are now thinking in different path. Dialog Telecom is now trying to mimic as a truly Sri Lankan company by using cricket. But naked reality of these foreign companies is exposed in every activity and advertisement. Their advertisements are so artificial. We all see bogus patriotism in every frame of these cricket advertisements.

Malaysian based Dialog Axiata is operated here to pump money out of country. Their love for and enthusiasm for Sri Lankan cricket is bogus. They just want to get out of heavy losses and lack of confidence of Sri Lankan mobile consumers using cricket. If they come back to profit, they will again start spreading western junk culture among youth to exploit them to maximum.

However true patriotic Sri Lankan nation in new Sri Lanka is too much for Dialog to take for rides again.

Mismatch in Dialog advertiesments and coperate culture in new Sri Lanka
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