Czech Republic commends Lanka’s economic progress

Czech Republic commends Lanka’s economic progress

Minister of Trade and Industry of the Czech Republic Martin Kocourek
expressed his country’s enthusiasm in supporting Sri Lanka’s development

The Czech Minister expressed his views at the Czech-Sri Lanka
Investment Forum at the International Chamber of Commerce in Prague last
week.Kocourek welcomed Sri Lanka’s External Affairs Minister Prof. G. L.
Peiris and appreciated the “staggering economic progress” achieved by
Sri Lanka in the past months.

Minister Kocourek stated that the Czech Republic was strong in
sectors such as water management, environment management, energy,
petroleum, security, as well as transport and tourism infrastructure.

Czech investments in these sectors could be backed by the Czech
Export Bank and the Czech Export Insurance Guarantee Agency.

Minister Peiris agreed that these sectors matched the current needs
of Sri Lanka, while cooperation in other sectors, backed by concessional
financing was also welcome.

Sri Lanka’s current infrastructure development plans and growth in
sectors such as tourism and portfolio investment afforded wider
opportunities to the Czech side. Bilateral trade could also be greatly
enhanced.Later in the day, Minister Peiris addressed the Czech-Sri Lanka
Investor Forum along with the Czech Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs,
Dr. Vladimir Galuska.

Forty Czech companies from a wide variety of sectors participated in
the Forum. At the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Minister Peiris met
the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Miroslava Nemcova, and the
Inter-parliamentary Group of Friends of Sri Lanka. The two sides
exchanged views on the evolution of their parliaments.


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