Darusman’s False and Highly Biased Report

 It is said that “friendship with the West can be revoltingly rewarding, while enmity could be revealingly reviling”.


Sri Lanka is being condemned by the Western Powers and their stooges in the UNO regarding human rights violations.  A mock panel has been appointed without General Assembly and Security Council permission.As regards violation of human rights by the USA targeting and killing hoards of civilians by unmanned drones in Afghanistan, this is what a US Federal Judge had to say whilst delivering a judgment: “There is a painful conflict between human rights and national security.  Fundamental human rights have to be sacrificed at the alter of national security”.

This is now settled law in the USA.  Why then are the US and the UK attempting to create problems for us, merely to satisfy 300,000 LTTE Diaspora supporters?  Is it that International Law exculpates the western powers, while Sri Lanka is governed by another set of International human rights Laws?  There is one law for the Western countries and another for Sri Lanka! The standard and quality of US and UK politicians have deteriorated to such an extent that they will stoop to accepting filthy lucre from the LTTE’s enormously rich treasury. They will also compromise their honour, for the LTTE Diaspora vote that they can secure at elections.

In our conflict, the corrupt and foolish Western politicians by taking the side of criminal gangs and their Diaspora, are steadily and surely inviting hatred towards their nations.  The Arabs detest them.  The South American countries spurn them.  So do Afghanistan, Pakistan, the African Union, Sri Lanka and a majority of Indians. Almost all Non-Aligned Countries would not approve of their cut-throat ways and their interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states.

It goes without saying that China and Russia are waiting for the day when the so called Western powers will crawl before them.  Pretty soon they will find themselves isolated.

It is sickening to think of the “holier than thou” attitude of the Western countries who are trying to probe fabricated human rights violations of Sri Lanka, while they violate human rights with impunity.  Corruption is a wind that is blowing now across the Western countries. We must start a campaign to commence a parallel United nations Organisation headed by a strictly impartial Secretary General who will hold the scales evenly amongst all actions.  No 2 terms should be encouraged.

The Report of the Panel of Legal Experts unilaterally appointed by Ban Ki-moon has now been released.  This is a very pliable panel who has been twisted and turned by the Western powers.  They have also been heavily influenced by the LTTE Diaspora.  They are a set of insignificant people who have been hand picked by the already partial Ban Ki-moon.  They have proved that they are incapable of justice and fair play.  They have also proved their ignorance of international law.  They are no experts than the man in the moon!

This is a completely ex-parte and partial report based on video clips, blatantly false material fed to them by the Tamil Diaspora.

Before the death of Prabhakaran, they influenced Hillary Clinton to coax David Miliband and Kouchner to go to Sri Lanka and attempt to twist the arm of out President.  But our President had the strength of character not to yield.  The Western powers felt thoroughly insulted that they could not save Prabhakaran’s life.

Navaneethan Pillai, the UN Human Rights Chief, has been heavily influenced by the Diaspora.  Clinton and Pillai are pushing Ban Ki-moon to pressurize the Sri Lankan Govt.  It is a shame that this panel of experts – supposedly honourable and impartial people, have now yielded to the pressures of Ban Ki-moon, the Western powers and the leaders of the Diaspora.  This is exactly the Report based on fabricated material, that was expected of them. If our Forces wanted to massacre the Tamils, all they had to do, without wasting their bullets, was to watch Prabhakaran and his men exterminating the Tamils when they came out from the clutches of the LTTE, to the Govt side.  Not a word of praise from the West or Ban Ki-moon for SAVING the lives of 300,000 Tamils, when our Forces put their lives in harms way, in order to save these Tamils.  Thousands of Tamils held as hostages were killed by the LTTE, during the last few days of the war, when they were in the process of escaping from the LTTE held areas.

After the death of Prabhakaran and his cohorts, we fed the refugees, clothed them, medicated them, sheltered them, built hygienic toilets to prevent an out break of cholera.  Every conceivable precaution was taken for their well being, while the Tamil Diaspora contributed nothing to look after these, their own displaced people.

The Report is an absolute sham and should be roundly condemned.  Ban Ki-moon, Hillary Clinton, Navaneetham Pillai and Robert O”Blake would have instructed this panel what type of report they expect from them, in order to create problems for Sri Lanka, for crushing the worst terrorist organization in the world.  It is a shame that these supposedly honourable people have prostituted themselves to tender a report acceptable to the West and to the partial UN officials.

The US and the UK forces are killing innocents in Afghanistan and Libya.   As Secy General of the UN, he is expected to hold the scales even, whether it be an insignificant  member or a super power.  No favouritism is permissible.  His salary is paid by the contributions of all members of the UN.

It is apparent that this Secy General is dictated to by the Western powers and will bend over backwards to please them.  If he is impartial, he should have first appointed a panel to examine the atrocities that are presently committed by the US and UK inAfghanistan and Libya, in order to prove his bona fides.  The Western forces are killing thousands of civilians with their unmanned drones, in Afghanistan, Libya and Pakistan.

He should also appoint a panel to investigate the torture in Abu Grahib and Guantanamo Bay.  Ban Ki-moon at the dictates of the US, UK and the European Union is attempting to give oxygen and restart violence in Sri Lanka.  It has to be clearly understood that excesses are bound to occur in war, but these don’t amount to human rights violations.

A Sri Lankan with guts should be permitted to address the General Assembly and the Security Council, to expose Ban Ki-moon as a thoroughly unsavoury and unsuitable person to hold the post of Secretary General of the United Nations Organisation.

It is not the human rights violation that are really prodding the Western political leaders and the corrupt UN officials. Corruption is a new wind that is blowing across the UN and the Western world.

Inga-Britt Ahlenius, Under Secy General of the UN and a former Swedish Auditor-General, made a scathing attack on Ban Ki-moon’s integrity.  Having been associated with him for so long, she had every opportunity to determine the type of person he is, and that he is totally unfit to head the United Nations.

With all these allegations Moon has survived, thanks to his being shielded by corrupt Western Powers.  Small wonder then, that he will not go against their dictates!

Inga-Britt Haleness  in a 50-page states, “that the Secy General improperly refused to allow many of her office’s audit reports to be made public, or to allow nearly all of its confidential investigative reports with evidence of potential criminal wrongdoing to be referred to prosecutors.”  She further states that he tried to take control of investigations. Her Office of Internal Oversight Services resisted his efforts to launch official probes into news leaks.”  She goes on, “the fact is that you are not upholding to the letter, nor to the spirit, the General Assembly’s decision to ensure an operational oversight body in the interest of the organization.  In this sense your actions are not only deplorable, but seriously reprehensible.  No Secy General before you has questioned the authority delegated to the Head of OIOS to appoint the staff.  Your action is without precedent and in my opinion seriously embarrassing to yourself.”  She further adds, “last year, similar criticism was voiced by Norway’s UN Ambassador Mona Juul in another unusual personal attack on Ban.”  She adds, “the investigations led to an unprecedented number of misconduct findings by UN officials and prompted Federal probes into corruption.”

This is the UN under Ban Ki-moon.  Therefore no credibility or confidencd can be placed on a Report submitted by a panel unilaterally handpicked by him.

The writer is a President’s Counsel

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