Diesel bomb on Agri sector

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 5:51:21 by Sharjeel Ahmad

It is shameful to note that Pakistan, despite being the agriculture-based economy, produces lower yields than her immediate neighbours like India and Sri Lanka. We have fertile lands coupled with excellent atmosphere and full-fledged four weathers, but the
thing we badly lack in is planning. Not to speak of planning, we do not have even progressive mentality to think of producing three fold more from our lands despite the fact we know we can do it.

In a bid to ruin agriculture sector further, our democratic government has attacked with a potential diesel bomb by raising the price of High Speed Diesel (HOD) which the only source of ploughing and water pumping in more than seventy percent of our farms.
How nonsense this is!

Day in day out, we talk about India’s rapid growth but we never try to peep behind its causes. There is not denying the fact that India has plummeted its economy by perking up its agricultural sector, and this has been done by providing enormous subsidies
to the farmers on power, fertilizers and seeds.

What we have done is to deprive the poor farmers from getting event two-time bread by increasing the prices of diesel, fertilizers and seeds along with administering the doze of severe power outages. After perpetrating this havoc, we expect growth and progress.
Shame on us!

How a country can even think of progress where farmers have to wait in long queues for days to purchase costly fertilizers, where no pure pesticides are available in the market, where transportation cost is higher than that of the production and where poor
peasants are forced to seek heavy loans before every season.

Have our so-called democratic administrators even thought that they have put an additional burden of Rs. 100 billion by increasing the HOD prices to Rs. 103 per litter. They can never think as they do not have to suffer all the nuisances which we endure.
They just make merry on the taxes which we pay by cutting down our dining table menus. It is bullshit. It is totally bullshit.

If our voters are leading towards the traditional political parties even now, curse on them then. They are destined to suffer then. They deserve to be starved then.

Not me only, every sane and educated Pakistani thinks so. Alas someone can make the silly voters understand that they should shun traditional politics. Alas, Alas!

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Posted by Sharjeel Ahmad
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