Doctor arrested for contract killing of another doctor in Sri Lanka

Nov 01, Galle: Sri Lanka’s Criminal Investigation Department has arrested a doctor who contracted an Army captain to kill another doctor in a business rivalry.

According to local media reports the suspect who owns a private clinic has hired a friend of his, an Army captain, to kill Dr. Priyanka Prasad Jayasinghe of the Borakanda government hospital in the Karandeniya in Galle district.

The main suspect wanted to eliminate his business competition as he was losing his patients to the victim’s practice.

The Army captain has reportedly given the contract to two soldiers who gunned down Dr. Jayasinghe as he was leaving his clinic after closing for the day.

The police have also arrested the Army captain. However the two assassins are still at large, the police said. The police have recovered the firearms allegedly used in the killing.

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