Doctors’ union of Sri Lanka abandons planned strike action

Jan 20, Colombo: The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) in Sri Lanka has abandoned the 24-hour token strike that was planned to be carried out today in state hospitals.

The token strike was to be held form 8 a.m. Friday till 8 a.m. the Saturday to protest the recent appointments to the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC).

Secretary to the GMOA, Dr. Chandima Epitakaduwa has noted that the doctors opposed the appointment of veteran academic and political activist Prof. Carlo Fonseka to lead the SLMC and the manner in which the appointment was made.

The GMOA secretary has said the union abandoned the strike after the Health Minister has assured them in writing that one of the appointments to the SLMC would be withdrawn.

The doctors were also to protest against the government’s failure to pay the disturbance allowance and transport allowance (DAT) to them.

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