Dual track railway line extended to Ja-Ela on Sri Lanka’s Puttalam line

May 24, Colombo: Sri Lanka Minister of Transport Kumara Welgama will declare open the dual track Colombo – Ja-Ela railway line today.

The railway from Colombo to Puttalam was single track since its beginning, making the journey slow due to train crossings that needed stopping one train.

Sri Lanka Railway Department developed the second track from Ragama to Ja-ela using modern technology and local expertise, a spokesman of the Department said. The construction of one kilometer of the track cost Rs. 30 million, he said.

The development will speed up the journey by half an hour, Sri Lanka Railway announced. The distance from Colombo to Ja-ela is approximately 20 km.

The Colombo-Puttalam rail line covers a distance of about 134 km. It was completed in 1926.

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