Estate workers in Sri Lanka facing difficulties in surviving

Oct 22, Colombo: Marxist party Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) affiliated All Ceylon Estate Workers’ Union (ACEWU) of Sri Lanka says the estate workers are faced with many difficulties and the estate owners do not pay any attention to resolving the issues.

Head of the ACEWU Ramalingam Chandrasekar says that estate workers are unable to earn their full daily wages due to the adverse weather conditions in the estate areas.

He explained that an estate worker could pluck only around 6-7 kilos of tea leaves per day due to the current weather conditions, which means they could work only for about 5-6 days a month. An estate worker receives a full day’s pay only if he/she plucks 18-25 kilos of tea leaves.

He said that due to the decline in the amount of tea leaves plucked by the estate workers, they are paid for half a day when they work a full day and the Rs. 105 incentive payment has also been cut saying that they have not met the 75 percent target.

According to Chandrasekar, even the festival advance of Rs. 6,000 paid to the estate workers for Deepavali has been reduced to Rs. 4,500.

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