Sri Lankans in UK protest against Channel 4

July 17, London: ‘Sri Lankans in the UK’, a broad volunteer coalition of Sri Lankan associations and individuals held a massive demonstration on Sunday against the notorous Channel 4 TV, which produced and broadcasted a documentary, named “Sri Lankas Killing Fields”. The protest was held in front of the TV station in London.

The protesters carrying placards shouted slogans calling Channel 4 activities against Sri Lanka as unethical, malicious and biased.

Some of the placards read “Channel 4 creates hatred between Sinhalese and Tamils“, “Sri Lanka Killing Fields C4 Contract for LTTE” and “Channel 4 Official LTTE Mouthpiece“.

Independent observers noted that there were more than 3,000 Sri Lankans took part in this protest which lasted for four hours.

(Courtesy Colombo page Photos by Jayamuni Silva of Colombo Page )

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