Ferry service between Sri Lanka and India from tomorrow

May 09, Colombo: The ferry service between India and Sri Lanka that was suspended decades ago due to the terrorist activities in Sri Lanka, is to be resumed tomorrow.

Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Ports and Aviation says the ferry services between the Colombo harbour and the Indian port of Tuticorin is to begin with a voyage from India.

The first ferry is scheduled to set off from Tuticorin to the Colombo harbor tomorrow. A privately-run ferry with a capacity of 500 passengers is scheduled to sail from the Tuticorin port.

The service was scheduled to resume in February this year but got delayed due to technical difficulties and later postponed when India sent one of its ferry service vessels to evacuate the Indians and Sri Lankans stranded in Libya.

The promotion of the service started on May 2nd and reportedly there are many bookings for the voyage.

The ferry service will run three trips a week between the two countries and expect to transport around 100,000 passengers per week.

The 152- nautical mile journey between Colombo and Tuticorin is expected to take 10-12 hours.

The government says the service will be a boost to the tourist industry and help the business community who travel frequently between the two countries for business.

This service will resume tomorrow after 30 years. This service will be an additional boost to the tourist industry and it will also immensely help the small businessmen who travel between the two countries for their business activities.

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