Former LTTE leader KP says his main focus is on helping war affected Tamil community

July 03, Colombo: Former international wing leader and chief arms procurer of the LTTE, Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP says his main aim is to help the war affected Tamil community in the North and that an Eelam State was not the need of the hour.

Pathmanathan has said that priority would be given to helping the war affected Tamils through his new humanitarian agency and that he would not discuss politics or think about it at present.

He has made these comments during a live interview on Dan TV in Jaffna that was telecast on Saturday night.

Sri Lankan authorities arrested KP in a south Asian country in August 2009 and brought to the country. He has been detained by the government since then.

However, Padmanathan now operates a humanitarian organization called North Eastern Rehabilitation and Development Organization (NERDO) in Kilinochchi.

He has said that pushing for an Eelam State is not the need of the hour and has urged the Tamil Diaspora to focus their attention on offering food and other assistance to the war affected Tamil community.

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