Foul-smelling Beira Lake in Sri Lanka capital converted to a tourist zone

Aug 27, Colombo: The polluted Beira Lake in the heart of Sri Lanka have been cleaned up and converted into an eye-catching tourism zone, the government said.

The government media said the Beira Lake Tourist Zone Project implemented at a cost of over Rs. 30 million is being carried out successfully.

The environmentally polluted Lake that has been a major eye-sore for decades is now cleaned up and the foul smell that used to emanate from the water body has completely been eliminated, the government said.

Continuing with the efforts to beautify the capital city, the Urban Development Authority and the Colombo Municipal Council jointly have developed the areas surrounding the lake under the City Beautification Project.

An Island of Arts (Kaladuwa), a theater with seating facilities for 500 has been built in the middle of the Lake and a 78-meter long chain bridge, a first in the country, has been built to provide access to the theater.

The Urban Development Authority managed the beautification project while the State Engineering Corporation constructed the structures, the government said.

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