Founder of Nawaloka Group of Sri Lanka passes away

Aug 10, Colombo: Chairman of Sri Lanka’s famous Nawaloka Group of companies Deshamanya H.K. Dharmadasa passed away at Nawaloka Hospital, another enterprise of his own group.

Dharamadasa, a father of six, was 92 years old at the time of his death. His two sons are also well-known businessmen in Sri Lanka.

Dharamadasa who was famous as Nawaloka Mudalali hailed from a humble family in Matara in the Southern Province.

The Nawaloka conglomerate has more than 15 companies with businesses in hotels, timber trade, construction, industries, piling, polythene manufacturing, housing, hospitals and aviation etc.

History of Nawaloka

The year was 1942, a turbulent period, the second world war was raging in Europe, the country under British occupation, industry in the modern sense was virtually non existent, the local entrepreneur class in a formative stage. This was the prevailing atmosphere when Deshamanya H.K. Dharmadasa made his entry in to the field of business in Sri Lanka.

Nawaloka Timber Stores came into being and very soon made a household name in the country. Under his able stewardship and also with the assistance of his two sons, Nawaloka has grown into a group of companies covering many fields including construction, industries, trading and health care. Today, the group has over 4000 employees and a very large fleet of most modern construction machinery and equipment.

The pride of the group is the Nawaloka Hospitals. It has the capacity to accommodate 350 indoor patients and is equipped with most modern healthcare facilities. It has a team of highly qualified Surgeons, Physicians and Consultants.

Nawaloka Construction Company has constructed the largest housing complex in the country which consists of 1200 houses of different types, single and two storeyed. This is the largest single project so far done by any government in Sri Lanka.

Nawaloka Construction Company had the distinction of being associated with the multi purpose Mahaweli Development Project from its inception, building houses, jungle clearing and developing the infra structure in areas around Mahaweli river, ect.

Nawaloka Polysacks is yet another Company of Nawaloka Group, having ISO 9001, controls over 50% of the local market for Polypropylene bags.

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