Government to construct 1,930 housing units for slum dwellers in Sri Lankan capital

Sept 29, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government is stepping up is housing construction efforts to provide homes for the underserved settlements in the capital Colombo and adjoining areas.

A proposal forwarded by the President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his capacity as the Defence Minister to build 1,930 housing units for the low income families in Colombo and suburbs received cabinet approval Wednesday.

Under the proposal three housing projects have been approved. The locations for the housing units – 384 unit at a cost of Rs.960 million, 1,000 units at Rs.2.5 billion and 550 units at Rs.1.375 billion – will be identified by the Urban Development Authority.

So far, the government has approved five low income housing projects to construct 14,398 housing units.

At a meeting on Thursday at the Temple Trees with the residents of Colombo, the President has assured that no one will be evicted from their settlements in Colombo and the people who live in shanties will be given flats and better housing units.

Noting that shanty dwellers have lost their opportunity to admitting their children in to popular schools in the city, the President has said that his government will ensure the people’s rights for housing and education.

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