Greatest challenge for Sri Lanka is to achieve real reconciliation, US says

Apr 26, Colombo: The greatest challenge for Sri Lanka is to reunite the country and achieve real reconciliation for all communities live in harmony, the United States says.

The United States Assistant Secretary, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, Robert O. Blake, Jr. has made this remark on Monday in an interview with the CNBC TV18 in Philadelphia.

“The greatest challenge for Sri Lanka I think is to reunite its country and to achieve real reconciliation so the Tamils and Muslims and everyone else enjoy all of the same political rights and the same freedoms and can live in harmony with each other,” Blake has said.

Responding to a question, Blake has said that Sri Lanka has many different strengths, among which are the highest education and health indicators in the region and an abundance of natural resources.

The Assistant Secretary has noted that additionally Sri Lanka has the great fortune of being at the southern tip of India “so they have a free trade agreement so they can benefit very much from the economic dynamism of India.”

Blake was the former United States ambassador to Colombo from 2006-2009.

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