Health researchers say over one million people suffer kidney ailments in Sri Lanka

Aug 07, Colombo: Health researchers in Sri Lanka have identified over one million patients affected with kidney ailments and have called for a national policy to address the issue.

The Ayurveda Research Institute (ARI) says that over one million persons suffer from kidney failure in the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa districts in the North Central Province.

A researcher at the ARI, Dr. Parakrama Hemachandra has told media that 1.24 million people have been found to be suffering from kidney failure in the North Central Province.

He has attributed the main cause for the disease to be the contamination of water in the area with chemicals.

According to Dr. Hemachandra, the research had found that 68 percent of 45-70 year olds and 11 percent of 20-45 year olds were suffering from kidney ailments in the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa districts.

However, the Minister of Health of North Central Provincial Council Peshala Jayarathna said there are over 8,000 patients identified with kidney diseases in the Province but the number of unidentified kidney patients in the Province can be over 100,000.

The underlying cause for the high prevalence of chronic kidney disease in North Central province is yet to be identified although a recent study by a group of researchers has suggested the presence of arsenic in the ground water.

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