Hot Air Ballooning in Sri Lanka

Up Up and away! The delights of ballooning have now been experienced by 1000’s of Sri Lankans and many more foreign tourists visiting the Srilanka ultural Triangle over the past 9 years. In fact some 5500 guests have taken to the skies with Adventure Asia Int and it could well be said that commercial balloon flights have now come of age, even the more conservative want to experience this skyward journey now that it’s proven to be a reliable and permanent part of Sri Lanka’s tourism activities.

No other excursion can match the bird’s eye view, beauty and splendors of the Sri Lankan landscape as a balloon flight. Now into its 9th year of operation Adventure Asia, has been offering commercial passenger flights for up to 16 guests at a time for its 1-hour “safari from the sky” flights. Sunrise flights take guests on a course determined by the winds of the day whilst being returned to your hotel by air-conditioned van after the flight.

Since 2003 flights across the Cultural Triangle in the region of Dambulla, Habarana and Sigiriya have become a frequent sight to tourists and locals amidst the blue skies and historic backdrops of Sigiriya Rock, temples, mountains, lotus ponds and local village life. Guests including Princesses, Ambassadors, Movie Stars, Ladies and Knights have made Kandalama the ballooning capital of the Island and the region voted as the “Top 5” ballooning destinations in the world for “unique ballooning beauty” by visiting pilots that have sailed the skies of the world.

Since the mid 1850’s in France balloon flights have spread around the world becoming one of the key tourist attractions in most countries today. In Australia alone more than 3.5 million guests take to the sky for some adventure, viewing their capital cities from the air.
Fixed wing flights commenced a little over 100 years ago whilst ballooning has enjoyed some 230yrs of aviation, offering the simple and most intimate pleasures of flight.

Officially classed as the “Safest Form of Aviation in the World”, Adventure Asia employs world class pilots and follows strict international standards, administered by Sri Lankan Civil Aviation Authority. As a result Adventure Asia delivers memorable journeys to those eager to see wildlife, temples, monuments and lush wilderness from above, floating across the landscape.  

This November offers ideal weather for flights and a chance for families, couples and corporate groups to enjoy the opportunity of a dream ride amidst the middle kingdom of Sri Lanka.

Adventure Asia has an office based in Colombo bookings can be made direct or via your office. Our web site offers full details on bookings, flights, frequently asked questions, flight vouchers and more Phone Ph 011-5868468. (Peter Stewart)

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