India asks Sri Lanka to examine the war crime allegations made in the documentary

July 16, Colombo: India on Friday asked the Sri Lankan government to examine in detail the allegations of war crimes depicted in the documentary aired by the British television Channel 4.

In response to a question on the Channel 4 Documentary entitled “Sri Lankas Killing Fields”, an official spokesperson of India’s Ministry of External Affairs said the sequence of events during the last days of the conflict is unclear and the government of Sri Lanka need to examine the allegations in detail.

“The Government of Sri Lanka would need to go into the matter in greater detail. The concerns that are being expressed in this regard need to be examined,” the official said.

The Indian official said India’s focus is on the welfare and the wellbeing of the Tamil speaking minorities of Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka.

“We have consistently emphasized to the Sri Lankan Government that their rehabilitation should be of the highest and most immediate priority. A fair and reasonable settlement of the political issues concerning the minorities in Sri Lanka is of utmost importance and the historic opportunity offered by the end of the conflict should be availed of at the earliest,” the spokesman added.

India’s response came as the human right groups along with Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission screened the documentary for the US lawmakers in the Capitol Hill on Friday.

Following the screening US lawmakers and human right advocates renewed their calls for an international investigation into the human right violations allegedly committed by the Sri Lankan troops during the final stage of the three decades long war against Tamil Tiger terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Sri Lankan government has flatly rejected the video as a collection of fabricated images put together by the Channel 4 with the backing of pro-LTTE groups to tarnish the countrys image and hinder the reconciliation process that is proceeding now.

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