India must apologize to Sri Lanka

Whilethe LTTE is blamed for carrying out 30 years of terror in Sri Lanka, the question that needs to be answered is who actually created this group, why was it created, for how long was it meant to exist and to what extent did the creators have actual control over their creation? India must now answer and India must now apologize for the thousands of people whose lives it has helped kill by aiding a terrorist organization.

When India originated the idea to start a freedom struggle in Sri Lanka, India did not invest in training, equipping and financially supporting the LTTE to have it wither away nor did India desire or plan to allow the LTTE to actually declare an Eelam. That was why India came down hard on the GOSL and demanded the release of Prabhakaran when he was cornered in Vadamarachchi. This was in 1987 and had Prabhakaran been caught at that time Sri Lanka would have not lost thousands of people that perished as a result of LTTE bombs and suicide missions. For all these deaths, India stands personally accountable.

 In planning for LTTE to prevail, India had all eventualities carefully thought out and it is within this web of deceit that other players came to be involved. For the West, the LTTE was a weapon to be used to forward their own agenda in the region. A foothold in Sri Lanka meant not only the possession of the economic gateway but it was a perfect place to destabilize India and to watch over China and Russia. Let us at all times remember that tomorrows economic power houses belong to the East. Which is why plenty of give and take prevailed allowing LTTE undue privileges merely because it was allowing itself to be prostituted for various reasons by various parties which explains how it came to have a profit of $300m annually through many illegal activities that the world powers were very much aware of but kept silent. Actions that were taken internationally were merely to show they remained committed to ending terror but it was not anything that had sincerities, otherwise why would terrorism be thriving today if terrorism does not have the in-direct support of powerful countries?

Prior to Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination India’s approach towards Sri Lanka was an aggressive one. All hallmarks of big bully tactics were evident…the harsh diplomatic statements, the parippu drops, the threats of landing Indian paratroopers and even the orders to free the cornered Prabhakaran in Vadamarachchi all showed Sri Lanka that. Having allowed the LTTE to exist and prevail, India knew that a change in stance especially when LTTE’s strength was overpowering at one time making India realize that LTTE would invariably seek a defacto separate state. India then went on to draft the Norway brokered Ceasefire Agreement. It must be continuously reiterated that India at no given time in its conceptual idea of starting a freedom struggle in Sri Lanka to watching that struggle turn into a terror outfit, decided to allow a separate state to prevail. It must be reiterated to the Tamils who seem to think India will solve its “grievances” and help create a Tamil Eelam, India will do nothing of the kind. If so, India would have allowed Tamil Nadu to separate without quickly changing the constitution to deny any person/political party from attempting to separate from India no sooner several attempts to demand separatism was made in Tamil Nadu. Whatever “grievances” Tamils in Sri Lanka or Tamil Nadu or anywhere in the world put forward, India will never grant Tamil Eelam in either Sri Lanka and especially Tamil Nadu and that is what ALL Tamils must finally realize and finally accept. India will encourage renegades to a country’s system like Prabhakaran because such detractors provide the basis for interfering in a country’s internal affairs. That is why terrorism today is nothing but a business and not only India, the US, UK, EU nations and all other powerful countries are exploiting terrorism to advance their own interests.

 The reason why India continues to harp on implementing the 13th amendment is so that it can keep alive its hope of taking the Trincomalee harbour. Sri Lanka has the majority in parliament and the people desire to know why it does not annul the 13th amendment and do away with the provincial council system for it is not working and has not been working and is just wasting the taxpayer’s money. Nothing in the 13th amendment has any benefit for the people and this was a constitutional change thrust upon us by India therefore it is the responsibility of the present Government to undo all the wrongs that has happened to Sri Lanka by India starting with the elimination of the 13th amendment.

India had the chance to show its sincerity if it did not support the LTTE by avenging the death of Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 but India didn’t.

What ordinary citizens cannot understand is the political games being played by politicians. If LTTE has done a crime why do these leaders not openly say so, accuse them by name and take actions. Escaping this role is what has led to delayed justice. When Lakshman Kadiragamar was killed by the LTTE without openly blaming the LTTE, then President Kumaratunga was quick to confirm that her Government would not stop talks with these killers! With such leaders of the past it is no wonder Sri Lanka failed to combat terrorism!

India needs to accept its role in allowing LTTE to prevail all these years. India must also accept accountability for all the people the LTTE killed. India must also accept its interference and apologize to Sri Lanka though that would be something India would think itself too proud to do but it is morally obliged to do so because in the eyes of the people of Sri Lanka, India will always remain no better than Prabhakaran and the LTTE and Sri Lanka will continue to press its leaders who will have to think of their own survival politically and take measures not to allow any Indian interference in Sri Lanka’s future.

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