Inventor boosts tea industry

Inventor boosts tea industry

President Mahinda
Rajapaksa presents the award to Ranjith Rajapaksa

The local expertise should be tapped to manufacture machinery for
indigenous industries said Ranjith Rajapaksa the presidential award
winner for manufacturing the processed tea cutter.

Rajapaksa said that the tea cutter has helped reduced wastage in tea

It won the Presidential Award for the best invention in the
agriculture sector at a ceremony organised by the Sri Lanka Inventors
Commission of Ministry of Technology and Research in 2010.

“I have been trained under the renowned Sri Lankan engineer Ray
Wijeyawardena who invented a number of machines. The hand tractor was
invented by Wijeyawardena, he said.

Rajapaksa who is the head of the Research and Development Department,
Jinasena Co., Ltd, Colombo said that research and development are vital
for development. Developing countries cannot entirely depend on imported
machinery which do not suit the local requirements. Sri Lanka currently
imports agricultural machinery mostly from China and India. The users of
these machines have come across some difficulties, Rajapaksa said.

Rajapaksa had turned out a number of agricultural and food processing
machines for small and medium sector industrialists.

Korean and Vietnam entrepreneurs showed interest in buying some of
locally turned out agricultural machines after his presentations in
Korea and Vietnam last year. “Our first priority is to satisfy the local
demand and then accept foreign work,” Rajapaksa said. It is the
willingness on the part of the individual to turn out new things that
should take precedence of the assets such as skills and labour, he said.
Agriculture and food precessing machines turned out by Ranjith Rajapaksa
are the reaper, thresher, processed tea cutter and the multi chopper.

A substantial loss of paddy harvest in Sri Lanka is due to the
shortage of labour during the peak season of harvesting. The reaper was
developed as a solution to the problem.

Threshing is difficult during the wet weather conditions, when
traditional methods are not possible.

The thresher was introduced to address this problem. The processed
tea cutter helps improve high quality tea production and reduce the

The multi chopper was developed to chop green cuttings, coconut
busks, straw and other bio-degradable materials for the manufacture of
cattle feed and poultry feed.

Multi chopper
Multi purpose grinder
Multi chopper
Processed tea cutter

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