Israeli Ambassador to Sri Lanka extends support to Sri Lanka, says panel report not based on human rights

June 01, Colombo: Israeli Ambassador to Sri Lanka based in New Delhi, Mark Sofer has said the Israeli government has discussed the UN advisory report with President Mahinda Rajapaksa and has extended the country’s support to Sri Lanka.

Sofer has added that Israel did not have any recommendations to make to Sri Lanka in that regard as the country has dealt with it properly and is capable of taking care of its own affairs.

Addressing a press conference in Colombo, Sofer has observed that report by the UN Secretary General’s panel of experts on Sri Lanka was not based on human rights, but has been politically manifested.

The advisory panel report on Sri Lanka was compared to the Goldstone report by the UN in 2009, where Israel was accused of war crimes during the Gaza conflict.

Sofer has noted that the author of the report has had to retract most of the accusations leveled against Israel in the report. According to Sofer, it was the number of political backings you can get that determined the allegations made against countries and they are not based on right and wrong.

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