Killer croc brought to Sri Lanka national zoo had human bones inside

Feb 10, Colombo: Veterinary surgeons of Sri Lanka’s Dehiwala National Zoo said they have recovered bones of a man’s hand and a leg from the stomach of a slain crocodile that was brought to the zoo after it was captured.

The massive 15-foot long crocodile, about 900 kilo grams in weight, believed to have eaten a man. He was captured Wednesday morning in a swamp of Ragama, a town outskirts of Colombo, by the residents using fishing hooks baited with chicken.

The animal was then brought to the national zoo and the veterinarians have tried to save the animal but it died due to severe injuries it suffered due to the fishing hooks embedded in the respiratory tract, according to media reports.

The zoo veterinarians believe the croc is about 35 years old. They say it was the largest crocodile found in Sri Lanka in about 100 years.

Crocodiles are an endangered species in Sri Lanka.

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