Mahinda woos Jayalalithaa

A pro Tamil Tiger website described the victory of Jayalalithaa at the recent elections as ‘mummy returns.’ Velupillai Prabhakaran and Tamil Tigers too recognized Indira Gandhi in the same way as a ‘mother’ at that time .They said, Indira Gandhi was the ‘mother’ of their Eelam struggle, for it was people like Indira Gandhi who supported the Eelam struggle. During that period, Jayalalithaa’s partner MGR, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister helped Prabhakaran and Tamil Tigers. When Prabhakaran and Tamil Tigers were extolling Indira Gandhi as their ‘mother’, they treated MGR as their Godfather. Now, the Tamil Tigers view Jayalalithaa as their second ‘mother’. This was why they called Jayalalithaa’s victory as ‘mummy returns’. They are aware that Jayalalithaa’s politics is not going to end with Tamil Nadu. Ambitious as she is, she is obsessed with her next goal   to become the Indian Prime Minister. It is her cherished dream that at the next Indian general elections she contests as a candidate of an Alliance and secures the post of Prime Minister. The Tamil Tigers are well aware of this. It is on this account they compare her with Indira Gandhi.The Sri Lanka (SL) Govt. which is also aware of this has arranged a well orchestrated PR campaign to win over Jayalalithaa. As a first  move in this direction , SL External Affairs Minister Prof. G L Peiris conveyed his congratulations to Jayalalithaa  on her victory , and announced that the SL  Govt. is in readiness  to co- operate with her . The second move was using KP who is now in SL Govt.’s custody and drive a wedge between Jayalalithaa and the Tamil Tigers.

It is a well and widely known fact that Karunanidhi is Jayalalithaa’s arch enemy and any information or data which concerns or contributes to the destruction of this arch enemy is of monumental  value to her. Every detail and data which can be used to pulverize Karunanidhi is of paramount importance to Jayalalithaa.  KP’s announcement that Karunanidhi’s DMK party imparted the ideology to Prabhakaran to kill Rajiv Gandhi was well and thoroughly exploited by Jayalalithaa gleefully to her advantage against Karunanidhi. In the same way, she used KP’s declaration that Tamil Tigers attempted to assassinate her. ‘I have been living under LTTE threat since 1991,’ she mentioned. In her maiden speech immediately after her election victory, Jayalalithaa asserted, Mahinda Rajapaksa ought to be brought before   a war crime Tribunal. But, after her appointment as the Chief Minister, in her first media discussion, she talked about the threats to her from the LTTE. This was a consequence of the success of the SL Govt.’s PR campaign which orchestrated KP’s media interview prior to her media discussion. In the end, the media did not have occasion to question her on the SL Tamils’ issue or the war crimes at her first media discussion. The SL Govt.  was successful in as far  as  distracting her from these issues by questioning her on the Rajiv Gandhi assassination and putting her on an anti Tamil Tiger  platform . At the same time, it is deducible that in case KP has not told that the DMK was behind Gandhi’s killing, she wouldn’t have still given answers pertaining to KP’s interview.

When Prabhakaran went to Tamil Nadu asking for assistance from MGR , her partner  was the chief Minister of Tamil Nadu at that time .  KP too accompanied  Prabhakaran.  KP knows how Tamil Nadu contributed towards the fortification of the Tamil Tiger Organization during that period. Today, KP is harbouring the fear that the Tamil Nadu may become a source of strength to the Tamil Tiger Organization which is rearing its head once again in Tamil Nadu. He is therefore seeking to create a rift between Tamil Tigers and Jayalalithaa. It is in order to instill fear in her that he highlights that Rajiv Gandhi was killed by Tamil Tigers because he was a Brahmin, since Jayalalithaa is a Brahmin herself. This constitutes the second PR campaign of SL Govt. to win over Jayalalithaa to its side.

It is Jayalalithaa’s aspiration to become the Prime Minister after fielding as a candidate of an alliance. The SL Govt. which is aware that the BJP is commanding influence over Jayalalithaa ‘s aim to become the Prime Minister is wooing her through the BJP leadership. This is the third campaign of the SL Govt. In this connection, a most senior advisor of Mahinda Rajapaksa is scheduled to leave for India. This advisor was a powerful Minister under the UNP Govt. of Ranil in 2002, and who has established close rapport and cordial relationship with the BJP. He, later on joined the Govt. of Mahinda Rajapaksa. The profound ties he established was with Chandra Baba Naidu ,a BJP leader who was a prominent chief Minister of Andra Pradesh and current opposition leader . The senior advisor is to tour India to meet him and Moorthy , the  BJP leader who has leverage over Tamil Nadu.  It is the senior advisor’s objective to meet the two of them and through them woo and win over Jayalalithaa.

 It is well to recall, the SL Govt. similarly used Minister Arumugam Thondaman  to win over former chief Minister Karunanidhi. Thondaman via Karunanidhi’s daughter succeeded not only in wooing Karunanidhi but even the entire DMK party. At all events, right now, it cannot be foretold for sure whether Jayalalithaa can also be wooed and won over through the Govt.’s present PR campaign.

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