Marxist student union condemns Sri Lankan government’s decision on private medical college

Sept 04, Colombo: A students’ union in Sri Lanka has condemned the government’s decision to permit a private medical college in the country to offer MBBS degrees to students.

The Marxist party Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) affiliated Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) says the gazette extraordinary issued by the Higher Education Ministry granting permission for the private medical college located in Malabe to offer MBBS degrees was a violation of free education in the country.

The IUSF issuing a statement notes that the move has disgraced medical education in the country and the prestige of the medical profession.

According to the IUSF, the government did not consider the country, its people, the children and their future when taking decisions.

The unions states that the equal right of children to get a medical degree would be violated.

Calling the private medical college a ‘degree shop’ the IUSF states the prime qualification to get a degree from college would be the amount of monies spent by the student’s parents.

The students of Malabe Medical College are educated in the College for four years and in Russia for one year.

Sri Lanka Medical Council does not recognize this programme and the students are not allowed to undergo clinical training in government hospitals.

The Higher Education Ministry on August 30th granted permission for the private medical college in the country to offer MBBS degrees.

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