Media and the suffering of the Tamil people

by Dr. Noel Nadesan

A balanced outlook of the issue, which rarely gets an airing. It is most important to realize this key fact, that the LTTE killed more Tamil people than the SL Armed forces ( that includes LTTE fighters as part of the direct military operations)

The problem with the Diaspora is that they are so brainwashed into to not accepting that fact, partly as few have been confronted by the ground situation and not been able to communicate directly with Tamils who have lived through this horror for the past 30 years.

Readers comments


Well said Dr.Nadesan. You have spoken the absolute truth after visiting war affected areas. Channel 4 Video is a fake. We must all get together and help Sri Lanka to go forward. The Diaspora who helped the LTTE should be dealt with. I myself have visited the war zone during the so called peace accord and met many civilians. The people who suffered most in the 25 years is not the LTTE but the Tamil civilians. At least now after 28 years of war let’s help them to enjoy a normal life and see what a country can give without a war. Well done again


This is an excellent article coming from a veteran journalist who has dedicated his life for independent journalism. Most Tamils who were victims of LTTE’s atrocity will be grateful to you for your courage to reveal the true facts.


I salute you for your impartiality. Your courage is commendable and every Sri Lankan (including Tamils) know what the LTTE did to Sri Lanka during the 33 year war. Let us hold hands, we Sri Lankans to re-build our country, for we have lost much time, not for the Sinhalese, not for the Tamils, not for the Muslims, but for all Sri Lankans. We need people like you in Sri Lanka. When you decide to go back you are most welcome. I live in Melbourne and plans are already in place for me to go back too.


Great to see that there is not only the LTTE remnants and World Tamil Forum out there attacking a democratically elected Sri Lankan government trying to correct past errors and develop the country, but there are also Tamils who see correctly the situation and come out with their opinion publicly. This is great encouragement to the government of Sri Lanka. Please keep up the good work.


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