Mob attacks navy camp in Eastern Sri Lanka, tension prevails in Kinniya

Aug 15, Kinniya: Hundreds of people in Kinniya have surrounded the Government Agents’s office this morning demanding the release of the 25 people arrested last night for attacking a Navy camp in Eastern Province.

A large mob of Over 500 people attacked the Navy camp in in Kinniya, Trincomalee of Sri Lanka’s Eastern province Sunday night believing that a “Grease Devil” was hiding in the camp.

They claimed to have seen an alleged “Grease Devil” going into the camp and believing he sought refuge in the camp, have pelted stones at the navy camp.

The navy had to fire at the crowd to control the mob but said they did not use live bullets.

Later the mob set fire to a police jeep which arrived at the scene to provide reinforcements to the naval personnel.

The Sri Lankan police say that at least three people including a police officer were injured in the attack. The police have arrested 25 people.

Last week the Sri Lankan police said they had arrested 47 “grease devils” from several

parts of the country.

The public in certain areas have taken the law into their hands and attacked several people who have been strangers to the areas.

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