New Divi Neguma programme to increase nutrition levels of people in Sri Lanka

Apr 05, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa has said that the main aim of the Divi Neguma programme is to improve the nutrition levels of the people in the country.

Rajapaksa had made this comment while addressing a meeting of senior citizens and government servants to create awareness about the Divi Neguma programme.

According to the Minister, although Sri Lanka has a very effective healthcare system in the region, but the nutrition levels remained low due to the poor eating habits of the population.

Rajapaksa had said that through the Divi Neguma programme, people’s living standards would be uplifted and families will be enabled to generate an additional income as well.

Sri Lanka launched the “Divi Neguma” programme last month to establish one million domestic economic units that promote domestic agriculture projects to make the households self-sufficient.

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