No proper education for children in 61 orphanages in Sri Lanka

Dec 27, Colombo: The Auditor General’s Department of Sri Lanka has said that 232 children from 61 orphanages in 11 districts have not received a proper education.

The annual report of the Department for 2010 recently presented to parliament has noted that there are 65 unregistered orphanages in the country that provides shelter to 1,199 children.

According to Clause 2 of the Ordinance of Orphans of 1941, it is illegal to bring up or maintain an orphaned child without properly registering them.

The report has also noted that while an advisory service with at least one permanent advisor should be in place in every orphanage in the country, there are currently 144 orphanages with 4,874 children without any advisory service.

The Auditor General’s Department has highlighted these shortcomings in the system and has recommended action needed to be taken by the government to remedy them.

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