North Central Mega Development

North Central Mega Development

The 2011 report of the Ministry of Finance states that there has been a huge development in the North-Central province recently.


Under the Rajarata Navodaya programme, streamlined development work are to be carried out in the agriculture, health, education, water supply, road construction and electricity supply sectors in the North-Central province. At present several projects are being carried out to improve the National Road Network of 170 kilometers in the North Central province.


The Ministry report says that the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and the Korean Development Bank are providing financial assistance for these projects in the North Central Province.   It says several water supply and healthcare projects are also been implemented in the Province. Accordingly, by the year 2015,  74,444 new water supply schemes for the people of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa districts will be implemented. These schemes will provide healthcare facilities for 2,000 housing units.


As per the report the fulfilling of electricity requirements of the two districts will be carried out under the Vidulamu Sri Lanka project with assistance from the Swedish government.


Meamwhile, under infrastructure development projects relating to villages, Maga Neguma, Divi Neguma, Samurdhi and Gemi Diriya projects will be carried out at a cost of 6,560 million rupees. These projects will be jointly implemented by the Ministry of Economic Development, Local Government Institutions of the North-Central Province and other institutions. (niz)

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