Norway, Killing fields and double standards

The election results in the North were no doubt a slap on the wrist on the part of the government. Once again, they said that their issues are too acute to be balmed by roads and bridges being built in the North. This once again fuelled the talks of the eelamists, made them urge the government to look for a sustainable solution to their problems and flashed a red light at the government to get their priorities right.

One cannot be too optimistic about the North’s welcoming the state policies, until a genuine effort is made to heal their wounds, be attentive to their grievances and remove their IDP status. Just because their voices do not accord with the already set tunes, that shouldn’t mean they should fall on deaf ears. True democracy is when everyone’s voice is heard and everyone has a hand in picking people’s representatives. In a democracy, equity is a cake cut into equal pieces. Sadly for a country like ours,  the cake will go bad by the time it reaches the North.

Home situation being thus, barely a week since the issuing of the results, Channel-4 fired their second missile — a voice cut of an alleged army personnel, deployed in the 58th division of the army, who revealed that Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa gave orders to his then regiment head, Maj. Gen. Shavendra Silva to take ‘whatever action to finish the thing.’ However, this was an allegation repeatedly refuted by the present deputy representative to the UN, Maj. Gen. Silva.

Meanwhile, according to a weekend newspaper, the wives of the ex-LTTE leaders, Thamilchelvan and Soosai, have come forward to avert the dung thrown at the Sri Lankan armed forces. They have not only commended the efforts of the army in rescuing hapless civilians, but also condemned the ruthless treatment of the LTTE towards the Tamils in the North.  It would be interesting to know what the Channel-4 has to say about the comments of these two women, who unlike their featured victims, have faces and proper voices.

While one wonders the reasons for Channel-4’s unending obsession with Sri Lanka, people cannot help but think, where have Channel-4’s journalistic ethics gone? It not only lacks the balance of reporting the situation from both points of view, but also it turns an extreme blind eye towards US’ mission in Iraq and Afghanistan; two subject matters which they could have developed into a month-long series of documentaries had they cared.

The classification of terrorists by the UN and the west is beyond the comprehension of third world countries. For them, ‘Killing fields’ is a way of glorifying a rebel group that was massacred by the government forces. But it is highly doubtful that the scale will be the same when it comes to measuring the terror that took Oslo by a storm two weeks ago.

It would be highly interesting to see a Channel-4 documentary, perhaps under the name ‘crimson pigeon wings’ — justifying the killer who took more than eighty innocent lives. They will draw sympathy of the world towards the culprit and raise their voice against the Norwegian authorities denying him a public execution.

Going back to the complicated classifications, will the United Nations Human Rights Commission ever take action against the Norwegian government if he is executed? Will Darusman and his colleagues have a whale of a time investigating into the human rights violations of the terrorist, as said to have occured in Oslo? Or will Ban Ki-Moon or Navi Pillay get high blood pressure for thinking about the ‘poor soul’ too much?

Have’s ruling the have-nots had been an ageless reality. Be it in the ancient world, in different types of feudalistic societies or under kingships this was an unchangeable factor. When the world was divided into separate entities called countries, the nature of the theory changed, but the theory itself remained in tact. Today, Sri Lanka is getting beaten up by the same stick continuously because our diplomats are still enjoying the cozy slumbers that come with other perks. If the dormancy continues, soon they won’t have a country at all to represent.

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