Nurses and doctors fight over a hospital room in Sri Lanka Health Minister’s home district

June 08, Polonnaruwa: Director General of Health Services of Sri Lanka Dr. Ajith Mendis says that a dispute between the nurses and the doctors of the Polonnaruwa hospital over a room was resolved through discussions with the trade unions of the two professions.

The doctors of four hospitals in Polonnaruwa district were to strike yesterday over the minor matter saying authorities had not taken measures to resolve the issue.

The dispute was over a room in the packed Polonnaruwa Hospital. Doctors have claimed a room that was taken over by the Special Grade Nursing Officer as a space they used for resting while in duty.

Polonnaruwa Hospital is the major hospital in the home district of the Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena. The Minister took over the hospital from the Provincial Council to the central government as soon as he assumed duties as the Minister.

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