Omanthai railway station in northern Sri Lanka to be declared open on May 27

May 01, Colombo: Planning Director of Sri Lanka Railways Wijaya Samarasinghe says that the newly built Omanthai railway station along the Colombo-Kankasanthurai Northern railway track will be declared open on May 27.

The railway station has been renovated with modern facilities, says the Railway Director.

Omanthai railway station is a crucial stop in the Northern railway line. Sri Lanka railway renovated the Northern railway line up to Omanthai prior to the Indian government sponsored reconstruction of the track.

Omanthai, around 10 kilometers north from Vavuniya in the Northern Province, was the last stronghold of the Sri Lanka state security forces during the ceasefire with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who controlled a huge territory northward from Omanthai up to Pallai in Jaffna district.

The rail track was demolished by the Tamil rebels beyond Thandikulam of Vavuniya and no trains operated beyond Omanthai for decades. The government started the reconstruction of the rail track following the defeat of the Tamil rebels in 2009.

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