Opposition parties of Colombo MC request majority representation in committees

Nov 03, Colombo: The opposition parties of the Colombo Municipal Council have together requested the newly elected Mayor to include them in all standing committees including finance as they together hold the majority in the Council.

The leaders of the opposition parties in the CMC, which include the United People’s Freedom Alliance led by Milinda Moragoda, the Democratic United Alliance, the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress and two independent groups, have sent a letter with their request to the Mayor and the UNP group leader A.J.M. Muzammil .

At the elections held last month although the UNP won the council with 24 seats of the 53-member assembly, the party does not have a clear majority.

The opposition group has also forwarded the letter to the group leader of the Democratic People’s Front Mano Ganeshan and group leader of the JVP Sunil Watagala, News First reported.

The group has pointed out that since the UNP does not possess a majority in the council and as such should be considered a minority governing group, the opposition parties need to be included in all committees to reflect the people’s mandate.

The Democratic People’s Front led by Mano Ganeshan has assured conditional support to the UNP-led council to function smoothly in its day-to-day activities. He has noted that the opposition parties together hold more seats in the Council and the representation in the committees should reflect the same ratio as in the Council.

Ganeshan has said earlier that his party would support the UNP on a case-by-case basis.

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