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When the mighty fall, they fall hard and they fall sans grace. However, the due process of law dictates the dispensation of justice and the Egyptian law is advanced enough to ensure that even in the case of high crimes against former president Hosni Mubarak he will be innocent until proven guilty and be accorded the rights of the individual.

No one denies that the charges of ordering police firing on fellow countrymen are serious in the extreme degree and tantamount to an accusation of murder the first degree under domestic law. But under the provisions of global law and the International Court of Justice in The Hague, the charges could be heightened to that of deliberate genocide.

In the face of this possibility, the investigation into corruption becomes more a low level priority even though, ironically, it was the jump-starter for the revolution. Corruption in high places seems to come with the territory but pales against the deaths of over 800 citizens of Egypt who were massacred during the protests.

It has to be said that Egypt showed great maturity in the way the public handled itself and ended the 18 days of spontaneous and organised protest, never letting it get out of hand but showing an incredible resolve. One can only place on record that the same public power will touch the legal battle and maintain the grace and dignity of the legal institution.

Unless there is something in writing under his signature even evidence or a confession given by former Minister for the Interior Habib Al Adly that Mubarak directly ordered the firing into innocent civilians, it will be difficult to trace a judicial line of direct contact between the then president and the actual pressing of the trigger. What can be done is to prove it was a heinous act committed on his watch and by not doing anything to stop it he  gave it his official sanction.

Acts of commission and acts of omission are parts of the same coin. Egypt needs to move on and be the great country it is… too much energy and attention on a trial could slow down the move to restoring the systems of democracy and the rule of the people by the people.

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