Over 950 million rupees to build 500 housing units for low income people in Colombo

Sept 15, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government is to spend over 950 million rupees to build 500 housing units for the slum dwellers in the Sri Lankan capital.

The Cabinet approved a proposal forwarded by the President to build two 10-storied buildings comprising 500 housing units at Dematagoda at a cost of Rs.952.62 million for the low income people in the capital Colombo.

Under the Phase I of the Relocation of Underserved Settlement Project (Resettlement Programme) construction of 320 housing units of the 1000 units to be built was completed and these they have been allocated to the occupants of underserved settlements in Slave Island area.

According to the government, under Phase 11 of the programme, construction of the 500 units has already commenced and piling work in l block is fully completed and 60 percent of work in the other block bas also been completed.

The government has pledged that no low income families residing in Colombo will be evicted from the city.

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