Parents urged to destroy mosquito breeding sites at schools in Sri Lanka

June 12, Colombo: Sri Lanka Minister of Health Maithripala Sirisena has urged all the parents to take efforts to destroy the mosquito breeding sites at the country’s school premises.

Participating in a special mosquito eradication programme held in Jawatta recently, the Minister has made this request from the parents and said that it is the responsibility of parents to protect their children from Dengue.

During an inspection carried out on school grounds recently as a part of the National Mosquito Control Week, health authorities have identified potential mosquito breeding places in 2,548 of the 6,012 schools that were checked.

It has been revealed in a recent survey that 75 percent of the schools in the country harbor places where mosquito larvae can thrive.

The Minister has chided the households and private organizations that do not take measures to keep their environments clean and aide the government’s efforts to eradicate dengue.

The eradication programme conducted with the participation of members of the security forces has included distribution of instructional leaflets, fumigation, and spraying of Malathion to destroy the larvae breeding places.

According to the most recent reports on dengue statistics from the Epidemiology Unit of the Health Ministry, so far this year 7,333 cases of dengue have been reported and 60 people have died of the disease. Over 34 percent of the cases have been reported from the Colombo district.

The Minister has said the spread of dengue is a serious problem and asked everyone to contribute to the eradication campaign by keeping their houses and workplaces clean and free of potential breeding sites.

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