Post-harvest delivery laws to be implemented in Sri Lanka from September

Aug 25, Colombo: Sri Lanka government has decided to enforce the delayed post-harvest waste reduction laws thoroughly from September 01.

Accordingly, the transporters of vegetables and fruits have been instructed via a handbook to use only plastic craters and cardboard boxes in transporting vegetable and fruit.

The Ministry of Cooperatives and Internal Trade brought this law at the beginning of the year but postponed implementation giving ample time to the stakeholders to adjust to the change.

The Consumer Affairs Authority has taken measures to initiate legal action against improper transportation of vegetables and fruits.

The move aims to prevent the over 30 percent post-harvest wastage in the agriculture sector.

The Ministry says a large percentage of vegetables get wasted due to improper use of packaging in delivery and the country can save Rs. 20 billion per year if the plastic crates are used to transport produce.

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